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What Does the SRS Light Mean?

Supplemental Restraint System SRS
SRS Light
Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Light.
Credit: OBD Focus

It’s a bright sunny day – you’re on your way to work when suddenly you notice the SRS light blinking in your car. What does the SRS light mean? Is there something wrong with your vehicle? Should you be concerned? Read on to find out.

SRS stands for ‘Supplemental Restraint System.’ The SRS airbag is included in the majority vehicles today and is an additional safety measure. It protects that of the seat belt if you are ever met with an accident.

There are many reasons for the SRS light, also often called airbag light, to turn on and blink. This can either be related to the airbag or the vehicle itself. In many cases, the blinking of the SRS light can be a cause of concern.

Keep reading to find out more about the SRS light, reasons for it to flash, and what to do to tackle the situation.

Why is the SRS Light On?

It is crucial for you to know what it means when the SRS light in your car starts to blink unexpectedly. This happens when parts of the restraint system aren’t functioning correctly. You can only fix the problem once you identify what the problem is. But don’t worry, because we’re here to walk you through some of the leading causes of the SRS light turning on:

●    Low Car Battery

Low battery is one of the most common reasons for the SRS light to blink. This is possible when your car’s battery is low as well as when it has been completely drained. All you have to do to fix this issue is to recharge your battery.

Furthermore, make sure your car’s battery doesn’t remain switched on 24/7. You can turn it off by using the scan tool.

●    Malfunctioned Airbag Spring

The spring of the SRS airbag acts as the primary connection between airbag of the driver’s seat and the electrical wiring. Its make-up includes thin wiring whose quality may deteriorate over time.

This may result in an error signal to the airbag control module, and consequently, the SRS light starts to blink. What do you do when this happens? Take it straight to the repair shop, and get the spring replaced.

●    Problems With the Control Module

The control module is usually located under the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat. Therefore, it is super easy for it to be exposed to dust, water, or any other kind of damage in case there’s an accident.

The control module will consequently malfunction when this happens, and this will be indicated through the SRS light. 

●    Inefficient Seat Belt Buckle

Wearing a seat belt is one of the essential safety measures while driving. Driving without wearing a seat belt is illegal and for a good reason. But what if the seat belt is inefficient?

That’s like playing with your life! As a result, the SRS light instantly starts to flash when it suspects that the buckle of your seat belt is getting loose and won’t be able to hold you back in case you get into an accident.

What Should You Do In Case the SRS Light Turns On?

We have identified a list of reasons for airbag light on and why it can suddenly start flashing. However, how would you know which reason applies to your car?

The solution is very simple:

When the situation occurs, there’s no need to panic. Just take your car to your usual mechanic and let them do their job. They will investigate the computer of the vehicle and identify the problem for you.

Is It Safe to Drive With the SRS Light On?

Should you drive when the SRS light is blinking? Not. In case the light is switched on, we suggest you immediately take your car to a professional and get it checked.

The SRS light should be taken seriously and here’s why. When it blinks, and you ignore it, you’re decreasing the chances of saving your own life by taking minimal precaution.

SRS technology makes your life easier considering it provides maximum protection for passengers in case of an accident. Ignoring the SRS light isn’t the wisest decision because if you do, the airbag won’t function correctly and as a result, won’t adequately protect you in case of any incident. Therefore, be smart, and take these warning seriously.

How Can the SRS Light Be Reset?

There are two main ways to reset the SRS light. We’ll walk you through both of them. But first, before you start to reset, ensure that all the elements of the dash are plugged and functioning efficiently.

●    Manually

First, switch the ignition on which will consequently turn on the airbag light. It’ll blink for seven seconds.

Second, quickly switch off the ignition as soon as the light turns off.

Third, switch the ignition on again in three seconds.

Fourth, continue doing this a few times until the SRS light stops flashing. Once it stops, it has been reset.

●    Using an SRS Scanner

If you own an SRS scanner, you can easily reset the airbag light. Not only that, but you can also identify what the problem is if the light blinks.

The SRS scanner can read the light codes and is also able to reset the light when it needs to be switched on or off. This is also a more reasonable method as opposed to taking it to a repair shop.

Bottom Line

Finally, we’d like to say that it is crucial to keep your safety your top priority. The fact that SRS is now available in cars is a huge blessing. Why? Because evidence shows that a large number of lives have been saved in accidents solely because of airbags.

So whenever your SRS light blinks, please take it seriously. The fact that it’s blinking could mean there’s something wrong with your airbag, or seat belt. Why take the risk? Take it to a mechanic and get your problem identified and fixed as soon as possible.

Diagnosing an airbag Light.
Credit: youtube.com

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